Waterproof Bathroom Phone Holder, Anti-Fog Wall Mount Shower Phone Holder for iPhone and Mobile Phones Under 6.8 Inches, Kitchen Cell Phone Mount with 360 Degree Protective Fully Wrapped (Blue)

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Have you ever had such troubles?
When taking a shower or washing dishes, you can no longer pick up your phone to watch dramas or watch live broadcasts.

Have you ever had such troubles?
Looking at the phone while taking a bath, the fog is hazy, and the phone can’t be seen clearly.

Have you ever wondered how convenient it would be to have a mobile phone holder that can be firmly attached to the wall to see your mobile phone?

Now, we have a bathroom phone holder here that solves the troubles you mentioned above.

Suitable for mobile phones below 6.8 inches, basically covering all mobile phone sizes on the market. You can install it on the wall of the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and other places to meet your needs when doing different things in different places.

Punch-free installation
Use non-marking adhesive stickers to stick to the smooth and flat wall that has been wiped clean in advance. It can be installed horizontally or vertically, depending on your mobile phone needs.

Tight protection
It adopts a cassette design with a 60-degree opening angle, especially when you install it horizontally, which can prevent the phone from accidentally falling when it is opened. The inside of this phone holder is surrounded by 360-degree silicone to prevent water vapor from entering the phone case, which will erode the phone or blur the screen and affect the experience of watching the phone.

High-quality mobile phone holder film
The film of this mobile phone holder is sensitive to touch and can adjust volume and brightness at any time, just like you directly operate on the mobile phone. Moreover, it is waterproof and anti-fog, which can satisfy your mobile phone watching experience.

Suitable for mobile phones under 6.8 inches, and Fit most mobile phone models in the market
Hole-free installation, use non-marking glue to hang on the wall, such as bathroom, bathtub, kitchen, bed and other places with smooth walls
Free your hands to satisfy your idea of chasing drama or learning on your mobile phone at any time. You can watch it horizontally and vertically, but it depends on the direction you placed it in the first installation
Adopting cassette design, embedded silicone seal, 360-degree tight protection to prevent water vapor from blurring the screen or corroding mobile phone components
Waterpoof and anti-fog, after placing the mobile phone in the mobile phone holder, when taking a bath, washing dishes or cooking, you can change the content or adjust the volume at any time.Special attention: The waterproofing here means that it can prevent occasional splashing water and prevent a large amount of water vapor from entering the shell. The waterproof level does not accept a large amount of water directly.


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