VIVO Artistic Easel 45 to 65 inch LED LCD Screen, Studio TV Display Stand, Adjustable TV Mount with Swivel and Tripod Base STAND-TV65A

Price: $149.99 - $119.95
(as of Feb 03,2021 11:57:08 UTC – Details)

Product Description

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        Transform your flat screen TV into an art studio easel with the new Artistic Easel Studio TV Stand (STAND-TV65A) from VIVO! Not only does this stand boast an elegant and classy wooden finish, its construction is solid and stable. It’s capable of supporting 45” to 65” TV screens weighing up to 77 lbs and is sure to last. Elevating your screen to a height which is comfortable for your audience to view, this stand is ideal for home theaters, apartment studios, modern offices, trade shows, and more! The extra fluid 360° swivel provides an exquisite viewing experience for each audience member. An integrated cable management system ensures that cords which could potentially be unsightly and hazardous stay clean and organized. All necessary hardware and instructions are provided to get your elegant TV easel stand put together and in use as soon as possible!

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    Comfortable Viewing Angles 

        Raising your TV screen to an ergonomic height creates comfortable viewing angles that relieve tension on the neck, back, and shoulders. The featured 360° swivel will help you find the perfect viewing angle time and time again.

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    Artistic Appearance 

        If you have a passion for modern interior design, this TV stand is the perfect addition to your decor collection! It will transform your space into a gallery with its trendy and sturdy easel design that’s capable of supporting up to 77 lbs.

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    Why Choose VIVO?

    We Save You Money.

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        Many ergonomic office solutions come at a high cost. Our mission is to use innovation, creativity, and efficiency to produce a more affordable solution that doesn't sacrifice quality.

    We Make It Easy.

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        We want our products to be easily accessible to the millions of office workers around the globe so that comfort and productivity can brighten your day and strengthen your career.

    We Care About Your Experience.

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        We don't just sell products... we sell solutions for needs encountered in the workplace. Our prompt and friendly service will ensure those solutions work for you.


            Screen Size: 45” to 65”

            VESA Standard: 200x200mm to 600x400mm

            Total Product Height: 54.3”

            Height Adjustment: 23.8" along pole

            Base Dimensions: 35” x 24.4”

            Articulation: 360° swivel

            Weight Capacity: 77 lbs

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        We are every bit consumers as we are engineers and creators. As a leading provider of desk and screen mounting solutions, we live for products that enhance and simplify everyday life.

Sturdy 77 lbs Support – Along with its simple yet elegant presentation, this product is made of durable wood and steel that’s guaranteed to last and easily support up to 77 lbs, protecting your expensive equipment.
Swivel & Height Adjustment – Flexible swiveling ability makes every seat the best seat. Featuring complete 360° swivel, all audience members can enjoy their viewing experience to the fullest. Height adjustment is also provided along the center pole.
Artistic And Ergonomic – This TV stand boasts a classy and artistic appearance, turning flat screens into easels. Create an ergonomic viewing experience with a trendy design that’s perfect for home theaters, apartments, offices, and more!
We’ve Got You Covered – Sturdy design is backed with a 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty and friendly tech support to help with any questions or concerns.

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