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    SPECTSUN Brand Story

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        </p>SPECTSUN was founded in 1990 as an all-around enterprise engaged in the development, production, sale and service of lighting and electrical products for markets worldwide. We incorporate state of the art technologies in product design and manufacturing processes. The combined technologies of LED light sources, rechargeable battery expertise and compre-hensive plastics molding capabilities makes us the premier supplier to a number of international companies.With a quality tradition that dates back to 1997, SPECTSUN passed ISO9001 certification in 1998 and has maintained its ISO Certification as a commitment to international practice.

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✔ [UL Listed & 3 Mins Installation] – Exit sign with emergency light of SPECTSUN has been passed UL certificate and comply with FCC regulations. This exit sign meets all requirements for different states and building code for the various installation, you can pass the fire department inspection easily with it. Also, this exit sign ensures you a extremely easy installation, can be wall, ceiling mounted, a rugged, snap fit, low profile canopy with captive screws is included.
✔ [5 Year’s Warranty] – We promise 5 years warranty for the electrical parts and housing, 2 years warranty for battery. Our emergency exit sign light also comes with a 1 month 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If you are not satisfied for any reason, return it for a full and instant refund, no question asked. HIGH QUALITY at LOW PRICE is our top mission. It can be well used as commercial exit sign or illuminating exit sign.
✔ [50000 Hours Lifetime & High Illumination] – Battery for back-up used in this exit sign can recharge for 300 times and work for 27000 mins at least. Every full charge can use for 90 mins emergency operation. Please note this exit sign must be wired. And the head lights of this product can be rotated 180, 270, and 360 in three position and each head equipped with 48pcs ultra bright SMD LED, can light up every corner of the darkness.
✔ [Multi-purpose Use] – This emergency exit sign is available in universal configurations–double face and 122V/270V dual voltage operation, can change face and voltage according to specific needs. And this emergency exit sign is made of injection-molded, thermoplastic material, can resist discoloration Even for long periods of use. The arrow equipped can be removed and also can be re-install, it can deal with different direction requirement.
✔ [About SPECTSUN] – SPECTSUN was founded in 1990, and this is our first online sale. As an all-around enterprise engaged in the development, production, sale and service of lighting and electrical products for markets worldwide. We incorporate state of the art technologies in product design and manufacturing processes. SPECTSUN sells 30 million pieces of electrical products every year. Now, we are here for you, with the best produsts.


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