Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Dear users, this page is meant to make you aware of our policies that are meant to do one and only one thing – respect your privacy. As users of this website, we believe that you agree to this policy and may be well informed that newproductprice will not participate in any activity that will misuse your personal information.

When you are using our service, newproductprice uses cookies to identify you as a user. It is used to show you useful information, for example, products that you have seen in the past. We use this information for our analytical purposes to improve every passing day. We at socialproductprice use social networking plugins like Facebook / Twitter at various places so that you can easily share your content with people in your online social circles. The cookies used by these services are beyond our control and we cannot take any ownership for their behavior.

We do not collect your IP location information or use a plugin that shares your information, but the visitor should take care not to comment your personal information.

We do not sell any products here, nor do we charge anything, this blog is a free information blog here any information is free to read.

We do not provide such information here which is not made for children, here any person of any age can read the information because only information related to mobile laptop camera is available here, we believe all those rules of Google which are online Designed for the internet

Our guideline is clear, we only post information in this blog, which is according to Google rules, and keeping in mind all the laws made for the internet, it is posted in this blog which is free for all users. We make money in any way Do not demand that or do not allow anyone to do this through this blog, so use the blog contact page for any problem.