Ohuhu Condenser USB Microphone Kit with Scissor Boom Arm Stand, Pop Filter for Streaming Podcast, YouTuber, Gaming

Price: $39.99
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Product Description

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    Ohuhu Multipurpose Condenser Microphone Kit with Scissor Boom Arm Stand &amp; Mini Tripod Stand

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        It doesn’t matter if you’re a recording artist, a news anchor, a YouTuber, or just in need of a quality adjustable microphone stand kit— the Ohuhu MIC and Boom Arm Bundle Kit is the perfect choice.

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        It comes with an amazing scissor arm mic stand for adjustable angles and a portable tripod stand which cover all your needs for voice/video recording, stages, music instrument show, meeting, dubbing and more anywhere and anytime.

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    Perfect for

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    Ohuhu Mic and Boom Arm Bundle

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        The Ohuhu condenser microphone kit gives a plug and play connection to your MAC, Windows desktop or laptop without any additional driver to deliver lossless, crystal clear audio without any lag or intermittence.

            Plug and Play

            16mm Cardioid Pickup Pattern

            Compatible with Windows and Mac OS

            Anti-interference Magnetic Ring

            8.2ft/2.5m USB Cable

<img alt="condenser microphone kit" src="https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/G/01/x-locale/common/grey-pixel.gif" class="a-lazy-loaded" data-src="https://m.media-amazon.com/images/S/aplus-media/sc/801cbc11-364c-4a87-9247-485cc652f817.__CR0,0,970,300_PT0_SX970_V1___.jpg"><img alt="condenser microphone kit" src="https://m.media-amazon.com/images/S/aplus-media/sc/801cbc11-364c-4a87-9247-485cc652f817.__CR0,0,970,300_PT0_SX970_V1___.jpg">

<img alt="condenser microphone kit" src="https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/G/01/x-locale/common/grey-pixel.gif" class="a-spacing-mini a-lazy-loaded" data-src="https://m.media-amazon.com/images/S/aplus-media/sc/9770a529-e478-4f10-9028-ef00b0e08221.__CR0,0,300,300_PT0_SX300_V1___.jpg"></p><img alt="condenser microphone kit" src="https://m.media-amazon.com/images/S/aplus-media/sc/9770a529-e478-4f10-9028-ef00b0e08221.__CR0,0,300,300_PT0_SX300_V1___.jpg">

condenser microphone kit

condenser microphone kit

condenser microphone kit

condenser microphone kit

    Almighty Microphone

        </p>One-key MuteVolume ControlEcho Adjustment3.5mm Earphone Jack

    2 Layers Pop Filter

        The pop filter adopts 2 layers of dissipation to remove the rush of air caused by vocal plosives and minimize the popping sounds.

    Package Contents

        1 x Condenser Microphone

        1 x Mini Tripod Stand

        2 x Magnifier Support

        1 x Pop Filter

        1 x Scissor Arm Stand

        1 x MIC windscreen

        1 x 8.2' USB Cable

        1 x Adapter

        1 x User Manual

A Deluxe Kit: The MIC and stand kit includes everything you may need to get started for podcasting, creating YouTube videos, gaming and the like. It comprises a condenser microphone, a mini tripod stand, 2 magnifier support, a pop filter, a scissor arm stand, a mic windscreen, an 8.2′ USB cable, a user manual, and an adapter. The compact tripod stand offers extra convenience for portable use and the pop filter adopts 2 layers of dissipation to minimize the popping sounds.
Almighty Microphone: Using 16mm cardioid pickup pattern to capture the details, nuances, and articulation, the microphone features strong anti-interference ability, wide range of sound pickup, and smart noise reduction for clear, pure sound. You can directly adjust the echo and volume. In addition, the USB microphone supports 3.5mm earphone, you can directly monitor the recording in real time. The one-key mute function makes it more convenient to handle issues during recording.
Easy Installation: Unfold the tripod, load the gaming microphone, secure the bottom knob to table, and enjoy! The 180-degree flexible design allows you to adjust to any desired angle. As for the sturdy scissor arm stand, its super strong spring can well fix the mic in place, no more shaking or slippery! Besides, the aluminum base caters for all desks with a thickness of 0.3inch-2.2inches.
Ultimate Recording Experience: No matter whether you are a recording novice or a professional podcaster, the Ohuhu pro condenser microphone offers the chance for creation anytime, anywhere with its excellent performance and complete accessories, e.g. singing, musical instrument show, live broadcasting, video dubbing, outdoor & indoor interviews, podcasting, zoom meeting, games, voiceover and more, providing you with the ultimate recording enjoyment.

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